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The following publications may be of interest to Members of the Society:

History of Appleton le Moors
by Margaret Allison

This book is a detailed study of a village on the limestone hills from Domesday to the end of the 19th century. The aim was to explore its history and development, beginning with the medieval planning of the village and its fields. The chapters on field-names, woodlands and boundaries reveal a complex picture of who lived there and how they occupied the terrain in Medieval, Tudor and Georgian times. It illustrates when and why change took place.

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History of Appleton le Moors

The River Derwent
by John D. Farquhar

This book will be your guide as you explore, by car or bus, on foot or cycle, one of England's most interesting rivers. We start at its sources high up on the North York Moors, and follow it and its many tributary streams all the way down to Barmby-on-the-Marsh where it joins the Ouse. You will discover why it follows such a strange course, often seeking to flow east to the sea but always turning south and west away from it - the result of ice sheets which lapped round the Moors 20,000 years ago. We enjoy its beautiful scenery and rich wildlife and learn something of the history of the people who lived along its banks, from Stone Age hunters to the Britons whom the Romans conquered; to the Saxons and the Danes and the Normans who ravaged the land they conquered after 1066.

The River Derwent in North Yorkshire